Give Your Small Business a Lift with The FreshBooks Booster Club

April 1, 2017

FreshBooks believes in you and your vision. In fact, every day we encourage millions of small business owners to thrive. But despite our best efforts, sometimes it’s not enough. Between juggling clients, meeting deadlines and trying that new lasagna recipe, your daily grind could use an extra pep in its step.

Enter: The FreshBooks Booster Club

For a limited time only, this eclectic cast of characters is here to help your business bloom (hashtag winning!).

So, what lights a fire under you? A sassy personal trainer with more neon than Vegas? A super positive Millennial with Mid-Century catch phrases? Or, perhaps an overly-designed, under-engineered object?

Take a peek below to discover which FreshBooks Booster Club personality is right for you.

Meet Stella. What happens when you mix a splash of spandex, a dash of drill sergeant and just a sprinkle of rainbow sprinkles? This.

“Drop and give me 5… a high five!”


  • She’ll get you up before the roosters crow
  • You’ll finally have someone to swap scrunchies with
  • You can cancel your personal trainer


  • Has no off switch
  • Thinks it’s still 1988
  • Starts every sentence with “C’mon!”

Meet Kip. He loves your ideas. He’s there when you want a BLT. If you need to be nurtured, you need Kip.

“Great idea, boss!”


  • Award-winning thumbs-up-giver
  • Sunnier than Alabama in July
  • Has the exact same taste in music as you 


  • Might get carpal tunnel syndrome
  • His sweater doesn’t detach
  • Continuous nodding

Meet the 3D Square. It’s just a cube… a really beautiful, kinda heavy and maybe magical cube. Bring it to your meetings, your clients will be whoa, whoa, wowed.

“Integrate. Ideate. Innovate.”


  • Won “Object of the Year” by Designed Designer Delights Magazine
  • Will probably get you at least three new Instagram followers
  • Ready to display on your coffee table, desk or mushroom frittata


  • Makes you realize you forget Grade 9 geometry
  • By the time you buy it, next year’s 3D Square model will hit shelves
  • Won’t tuck you in at night

about the author

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