FreshBooks Dinner Toronto!

The Elephant and Castle on King Street in Toronto is a big place. I once got lost trying to find people I DID know, so I made extra sure that a bunch of people I DIDN’T know would have a few signs to show them the way.

It’s possible other patrons raised their eyebrows at FreshBooks business cards sticking out of picture frames with encouraging messages like “This Way!”, but we didn’t receive any complaints.

A bunch of FreshBooks customers and a few of us FreshBookers gathered Thursday night to get together and talk about the ups and downs of running a business these days. We had Connie, the librarian-turned-social-networks-consultant. We had Emmanuel, the Flash programmer running his own studio. There were computer consultants, artist representatives, overseas traders and web developers. A diverse bunch, to say the least.

Josh and I shared stories about our respective times in Tokyo, and Kimberly confirmed for me the story about the flaming Taipei monorail I’d only ever heard from an insane painter (it was good to get it from a slightly more reliable source). I talked a great deal with Jerry about how the study of literature relates to software development, and James told me about a crazy spreadsheet wizard who can predict the future with spooky accuracy.

It was great getting together with all these folks and hearing their stories, understanding how FreshBooks can provide value to so many different types of users. Running your own business is a lot of work, and it’s pretty amazing to feel like we’re helping these folks realise their dreams. I was actually touched when I asked Emmanuel when he started up his studio and he said, “The same time I signed up for FreshBooks.”

I didn’t hear back from anyone who got lost in the place looking for us, so I assume the business card breadcrumbs were 100% successful. We’d love to show you pictures of the event, but to tell you the truth, we were all having so much fun we completely forgot to break out the cameras!

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