Freshbooks Discusses Management With Rypple

October 15, 2010

Corey Reid, our Chief Cat Herder, was interviewed on Rypple’s new podcast, “Managing Master Class”. The FreshBooks team is very honored to have one of our own interviewed, especially by a company that builds management software.

Corey has two tough roles at FreshBooks: directly managing our team of 13 developers and herding the rest of us away so our developers can focus on their work. As you’d expect, trust is very important within the team. He specifically discusses hiring, organization design, and being a communication lubricator (no alcohol involved).

The podcast is hosted Jay Goldman and Jesse Goldman of Rypple. It’s a brand new and promising podcast covering topics such as attracting top talent, keeping people engaged, getting the best performance, and making work more meaningful.

Rypple is a software that makes managing your team a lot easier. It’s a feedback engine where you can give thanks, organize 1:1 meetings, collaborate, and avoid typically painful reviews. It’s a great way to give feedback to your team.

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