Halloween Costume Contest ’14: Vote for Your Favorite!

Update: Thais has won our 2014 Halloween Costume Contest for her awesome FreshBooks Illustration costume. Thais will celebrate with a night out on the town for two. Thanks to everyone for sending in your votes. The countdown until Halloween 2015 is already on… see you next year!

Here we go again—it’s Halloween! And FreshBooks is alive with ghouls, ghosts and goblins.

As we aspire to do each and every year, the FreshBooks team wants to knock your socks off with some amazing costumes, and we’d love for you—our customers and friends—to check them all out and vote for your favorite.

You can vote by leaving a comment below telling us which costume you think is the most spooktacular. Or, if you’re on Twitter, you can tweet your vote using the #Freshoween14 hashtag.

The winner will be the costume with the most votes, and to celebrate, they’ll receive a fancy dinner for two. The winner will be announced on Monday at 3pm ET.

But wait—it’s not fair that FreshBookers should have all the fun. That’s why we’re hoping you’ll join the festivities and take part in the world’s biggest small business halloween contest. Show us your costume for a chance to win some groovy prizes. Learn more here.

Above: The FreshBooks team outfitted in their Halloween finest. Alright, so we’re a little nuts about Halloween around here.

Back row, left to right: Richard as Lobby Boy, Avrum as The KeyMaster (Ghostbusters), Jeremy as Andy Warhol

Front row, left to right: Beatriz as Billy the Puppet (SAW), and Melina as Samara Morgan (The Ring)

Back row, left to right: Bruce as a FreshBooks Knight, Lindsay as a Halloweenie, Erin S. as a Doctor, Faraz as Stewie (Family Guy), and Shawn C. as Kristoff (Frozen)

Front row, left to right: Robb as The Bread Butcher, Laurie as Anti-Spam, Melissa as Cotton Candy, and Dianna as Rosie the Riveter

Left to right: Phil T. as Mario Kart, Daniel as Borg Cube, and Matt O. as Hitman Agent 47

Back row, left to right: Jane as Iron Woman, Meryl as Where’s Waldo, Zoe D. as Andrew WK, Penny as Mary Poppins, Tracey as Hildegard Ruth, and Sara C. as Flashdance

Front row, left to right: Nora as Cruella De Vil, Jasper as a dalmatian, and Sandy as Cleopatra

Back row, left to right: Marcus as Where’s Waldo, Greg as Lanny (Toronto Maple Leafs), Levi as Zoolander, Mich as The Dude (The Big Lebowski)

Front row, left to right: Mark as a 70s Policeman, Taylor as Sia (Chandelier Girl)

Left to right: Abhishek as a Gladiator, Jeff as Pharr-Elmer Fudd, Alan as Sushi Chef with seven-week old baby Tali as Sushi, Leena as Leela (Futurama), and Matt D. as a Blind Referee

Left to right: Thais as a FreshBooks illustration, Pirijan as a Cowboy, Justin C. as Bojack Horseman, Jesse as a Lumberjack, Jackie as an Internet Troll

Front row: Casey as a Skeleton

Left to right: Jason as Captain Haddock, Paul as a Cyborg, and Ryan as Doctor Who

Left to right: Theresa as a Loofah Pouf, Martin as a Random Zombie Dude in a Hazmat Suit, and Johnny as Google Maps

Front row: Vonnell as Olivia Chow Zombie

Left to right: David as Ghost-Witch from It’s the Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown), Rich B. as Scarecrow (Batman Begins), and Heather as White Trash

Left to right: Hannele as Fiona and Cake, Kiley as the Charlie Brown Ghost, and Laura as Chell (Portal)

Back row, left to right: Danni as Android 5.0 Lollipop, Andrea as Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), Aaron as a Cow, Alexandre as a Frenchman

Front row: Justin B. as a Sexy Rubik’s Cube

Back row, left to right: Wayne as MineCraft Steve, Colton as Maverick (Top Gun), Ailsa as Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

Front row, left to right: Ian R. as Sparkplug Witwicky, and Max as Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Mike McDerment as Swedish Chef (The Muppets)

Left to right: Tracey as Hildegard Ruth, Levi as Zoolander, Mike as Swedish Chef (The Muppets), Mark as a 70s Policeman, and Shawn C. as Kristoff (Frozen)

Back row, left to right: Jackie S. as a Bag of Leaves, Claire as Scully (X-Files), Alex C. as Sheriff Woody (Toy Story), and Stephen C. as Hodor (with Bran, Game of Thrones)

Front row, left to right: Jesse as Ghostbusters, and Winston as Hollow (Undead) Knight

Left to right: Sean S. as Rooster Cogburn, Natalie as the Sith, Pirijan as a Cowboy, and Nik as a Top Gun Pilot

Left to right: Calvin as Sonic the Hedgehog, John S. as Lt. Commander Data, Andre as Pavel Chekov, Rishi as Geordie La Forge, Josh as Star Trek Generic Crew Member #10

Middle row, left to right: Adam P. as Transporter Chief Miles O’Brien, Shaun as Star Trek Guy, Dionne as a Trekkie, and Dileshni as Deanna Troi

Front row: Adam D. as Star Trek Generic Crew Member #8

Left to right: Katie as Disney’s Robin Hood, Dharmesh as Calibos (Clash of the Titans), Ramin as Homestar Runner, Jackie T. as an Internet Troll, and Fernando as an Action Hero before CGI

Front row: Sabeer as a South Asian Fisherman

Back row, left to right: Kevan as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lindsay R. as Princess Leia, Anandh as Darth Vader, and Tyler as Lando Calrissian

Front row, left to right: Chris T. as Hans Solo, Anton as Luke Skywalker with Daisy as Yoda

Eduardo as the Big Bad Wolf

Tim Lee as Magic Carp-et Ride

Grace as Poison Ivy

Ania as one of The Three Musketeers

Left to right: Byron as Ratman, Jon as Batman of Shanghai, and Adam as Riff Raff

Steve B. as Finn the Human (Adventure Time)

Left to right: Mudita as Jasmine, Chris R. as Business Casual Zebra, Joele as as Bugs Bunny, and Amanda as Furry Unicorn

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