FreshBooks Hits 70,000 Users… and some random facts about the number 7

July 27, 2006

FreshBooks has surpassed 70,000 users and is on a steady climb. It only seems like yesterday, since I updated the user count ribbon.

I couldn’t dig up too much on the number “70,000”, but here are some interesting facts on the number “7” (ya I know, it’s not 70,000 but close enough):

  • 7 is the fourth prime number
  • 7 is our magic number in web design (i.e. no more than 7 main navigation tabs at the top)
  • 7 is the atomic number for nitrogen
  • Seven is character from Star Trek Voyager. Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One is a human liberated from the Borg collective
  • 7 x 13 + 2 is the number of people that Jack Bauer has killed in 96 hours of 24.

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