FreshBooks in the LA Times

March 31, 2008

One of the things I am going to be writing about in the coming weeks and months is pending economic downturn, and what it means to the kinds of professionals we serve at FreshBooks, including things you can do to brace yourself and your business for stormy weather.

Looks like the LA Times beat me to the punch though in this article titled, “For small businesses, when the going gets tough, get tough on costs“.

Here is the excerpt that mentions FB:

Use technology efficiently

Consider online accounting software, videoconferencing and online processes for more efficient operations.

Entertainment lawyer Lindsay Spiller, who splits his time between his San Francisco office and Los Angeles, uses an online invoicing and time-tracking service to cut costs at his 4-year-old firm while maintaining a professional image.

The Web-based service from FreshBooks in Toronto gives small-business owners and freelancers a relatively inexpensive and easy way to bill clients from anywhere, he said.

“With the click of a button I can send an invoice to my client, and they receive a very nice-looking, professional-looking invoice that makes it also easy for them to pay,” Lindsay said.

Thanks for being our spokesperson Lindsay!

We often get asked for local references from the media. If you’d like to tell the press why you love FreshBooks, drop Saul a line and let him know where you are located why you’d be a good person to tell folks what’s great about FB.

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