FreshBooks Invoice Delivery Log:

June 16, 2011

During the current Canada Post mail interruption, FreshBooks is offering to hand-deliver invoices for small businesses in our local area of Toronto to help reduce interruptions in getting paid.

Yesterday we made a FreshBooks delivery run for our customer (awesome folks who provide reviews, photos and company profiles of home improvement companies).

12:58pm : FreshBooks Support team receives word there’s an invoice needin’ deliverin’. Roger that. We assemble our team to prepare the invoice and bring it to Homestars client, Viktoria Professional Services (who has great reviews).

1:29pm : We realize our armored truck is having engine problems so we opt for an equally sleek Mazda Protégé for our trusty FreshBooks shuttle.  We plan our route with a helpful map. Get there by 3pm? YES WE CAN!

FreshBooksMobile2:29pm : Hoho! Rush hour traffic has begun creeping throughout the city. Our shuttle ducks down secret routes and takes a winding journey south into Mimico towards beautiful Lake Ontario.

3:02pm : We arrive at the destination in the nick of time! With great pleasure we deliver the invoice in person to Maria who runs Viktoria and it’s all smiles. Success!

3:15pm : But wait! Maria has her checkbook out, and begins writing. Looks like we have another stop on our delivery circuit!

3:28pm : With checks in hand, we jump on the highway. We connect with our customer, Brian of and he confirms he’s currently downtown if we want to meet up with him. Off we go Tonto (er, Mazda)!

4:03pm : We rocket through traffic and arrive at One Canadian Place, located in the heart of the Canadian financial district to meet Brian. We race through the crowds with Leafy observing rush hour mayhem.

4:10pm : There’s Brian!! We present him with the checks.

4:14pm : We were extremely flattered to see The Toronto Star come out to meet us to capture the big moment for an article published in today’s newspaper!

Whew! What a great day seeing billing in action. Offering to do something like this just seems like the right thing to do and we’re glad to do it. We’d love to help you or someone you know who has an invoice they need delivered, simply send us an email.

We’re delivering invoices contingent on mail services remaining restricted and for folks sending invoices within the Metro Toronto region.

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