FreshBooks iPhone application is finally here!

October 22, 2008

Can I get a woot woot? You’ve been asking us for an iPhone application for a while. We were delightfully surprised to learn our free iPod Touch and iPhone Time Tracking application was approved by Apple at midnight last night! (Search for “FreshBooks” in the iTunes App Store.)

Just like our Mac OS X Dashboard widget, you can track time in FreshBooks against projects and tasks, and you can keep notes for each time entry. You can also manually edit the time by clicking on the clock.

The best part, though, is we took our time to build this for a phone. You can enter or leave the application at will, and the timer will keep running while you’re doing other things with your iPhone. Better yet, the timer keeps track of your time whether you are online or offline. It queues up submitted time entries until you’re next online and capable of submitting them to FreshBooks.

Update: We have discontinued this app due to instability on newer iPhones. Instead, we recommend MiniBooks for the iPhone.

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