FreshBooks is hitting the campaign trail!

January 16, 2008

FreshBooks Road BurnThere has been a lot of chit chat around the FBHQ (FreshBooks headquarters) about the U.S. presidential campaign. We don’t all agree on who we want to see win but we can all agree that driving in a bus from town to town shaking hands and kissing babies sounds like a blast!

So much so that we got to wondering out loud if we should pick someone in our office to run for president… but then we remembered that not only are we all from Canada, but only one or two of us are even old enough to run.

That being said we at FreshBooks are not quitters. Once we put our mind to something we pretty much run with it… so we have rented us a pretty sweet “large” RV and will be driving from the Future of Web Apps conference (February 29 – March 1, 2008) in Miami, Florida all the way to South by Southwest (March 7–11, 2008) in Austin, Texas with some very clear goals:

Meet as many users as we can, introduce the “south” to FreshBooks and what we offer, eat a Texas-sized donut, eat a country fried steak, get interviewed on a small town “morning show” (I am looking at you WPMI in Mobile, Alabama), pick up a hitchhiker, and of course, we want to be elected POTUS.

Keep checking the blog because in the coming weeks we will have more information on our trip! The tour is tentatively called “It’s Saul or Nothing” because I am trying to make everything in this office about me… but I have a feeling we may have a different name by the next blog post. So if you are going to be attending either show or you live somewhere along our route (which we will post soon), we would love to meet you, shake your hand and kiss your baby… if you have one… and if you say it is OK.

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