FreshBooks Partners with BMO Bank of Montreal

October 7, 2015

FreshBooks has partnered with BMO – Canada’s very first bank, established way back in 1817 and currently serving more than 12 million customers all over the world.

Why should I care?

Being pals with BMO means FreshBooks gets to bring you awesome (and super exclusive) offers on the financial tools you need to turn your passion projects into growing businesses. Read on to learn more.

Why BMO?

…But maybe before that, why a bank? Banks play a pretty important role in your small business – whether you’re just starting out and looking to separate your finances, or you need advice as your business takes off, they’re a staple throughout your small biz journey.

There’s lots of reasons why FreshBooks felt BMO was the best fit for Canadian customers – here’s just three of them:

They’re hell bent on serving you – the small business owner

BMO, like FreshBooks, understands that small business owners are grossly underserved by most banks. But within BMO’s walls, your voices came through loud and clear – they’ve done their research and know you want simple products that save you time and help you get stuff done. As one of the first steps on their mission to serve you better, they’ve introduced a new, simple and affordable banking plan that’s designed specifically for small biz owners just like you.

They care deeply for their customers

BMO, again like FreshBooks, is obsessed over customer experience and service. FreshBooks got to witness this first-hand at BMO branches, where all the meetings we attended kicked off with employees sharing customer stories – the good, the bad and the ugly. Everything was laid out on the table for the group to discuss and learn from. Pretty impressive that a big bank actually talks about…you, every time they get together.

They’re innovating on the things that are most important to you

If you loved one of our most recent iOS app updates that brought you Touch ID security, you’ll be happy to know that BMO was actually the first major financial institution in Canada to introduce Touch ID authentication for their iPhone mobile banking customers back in May. They’re always on the cutting edge when it comes to technology (and let’s face it – that’s pretty impressive for a bank). And for the third consecutive year, BMO was recognized with the 2015 Model Bank Award for excellence for staying ahead of the game with consistent improvements to their customers’ digital experience.

Interested? Pay them a visit.

If you want to get a feel for whether BMO’s the right bank for you, visit a local branch for a chat with their team members. And if you want to take advantage of the exclusive small biz banking offer, don’t forget to bring a copy of the offer email with you.

Stay tuned – this is just the beginning of FreshBooks teaming up with BMO – there’s lots more to come.

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