FreshBooks reinvents the trade show booth

June 6, 2008

Earlier this week, we gave you a teaser of our first trade show booth at the HOW Design Conference in Boston, the largest design conference in the world. And now we have a video, edited by our very own Aaron Adams.

Since we’re trying to sell invoicing software that is actually fun to use, we wanted a trade show booth that was fun to visit. At the start of the show, we had a nearly empty booth. All we had were two 8′ x 8′ blank canvases, our computer and monitor, and a small folding canvas chair.

At the end, we had a mural of how FreshBooks saves you from oppressive manual invoicing hell so you can get back to working on your real passion!

Without further ado, watch this time-lapse video of our artist, Jazz Martin, recent graduate and FreshBooks customer, painting our booth.


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