FreshBooks vs Word and Excel

August 2, 2006

People sometimes ask us, “Why is FreshBooks better than Word or Excel?”

That’s an easy one. Excel/Word are really not the right tool for invoicing. Excel and Word invoice templates make the following things difficult:

– getting a snapshot of who owes you what
– generating reports
– formatting invoices
– accepting payments
– searching for invoices
– updating your records when payments come in
– sending invoices
– automating recurring invoices and credit card charges

When you cobble all these things together, each one is a real pain with Word and/or Excel.  If you have a solution that does them all right, it takes the pain out of billing and saves you time.  That is exactly what FreshBooks users tell us the service does for them.

Here is another scenario: just think of a folder full of invoices that you created with Excel/Word.  How much useful information can you get from that folder at a glance?  You can’t tell the balance of an invoice or who it was for, what items were included or what is the balance outstanding.  That’s not really receivables management and not knowing will cost you time.

about the author

Co-Founder & CEO, FreshBooks Mike is the co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, the world’s #1 cloud accounting software for self-employed professionals. Built in 2003 after he accidentally saved over an invoice, Mike spent 3.5 years growing FreshBooks from his parents’ basement. Since then, over 10 million people have used FreshBooks to save time billing, and collect billions of dollars. A lover of the outdoors, Mike has been bitten so many times it’s rumored he’s the first human to have developed immunity to mosquitoes.