Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Aug 26, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Sujan Patel on Medium: My Beginner’s Guide To ‘10x Content’
“10x content does everything better, especially in terms of the value it provides. One of the big parts of building 10x content is finding a new, unique way to present information. This is the time to start reinventing the wheel. With so many businesses taking on the role of publisher, you need to expand into something more akin to an artist.” (read)

Elizabeth Tobey on Medium: The Art and Science of Tags
“Every story has at least five phrases that are excellent descriptors of the writing within. Don’t squander this opportunity to get your work in front of as many people as possible.” (read)

Product Hunt on Medium: 28 Tools to Help You Launch Your Startup
“sometimes, the fewer resources you have at your disposable, the more clever and thrifty you get.” (read)

FreshBooks turns invoice lemons into lemonade – get started for free


99U: The Future of Design (and how to prepare for it)
Quickly-evolving tools like these and a shifting playing field make it almost impossible to predict the future, because the gadget that will drive our lives in 10 years probably hasn’t even been invented yet. (read)

OpenView: Understanding How the CEO Role Changes as a Company Grows
“You can no longer think of yourself as ‘Chris,’” she explains. “You need to think of yourself as the best CEO.” This means being really clear about what it means to be the CEO. “You need to know what your job is,” Cohn says. “Your job is not to vent or punish or criticize (even when that’s what you feel like doing). Your job is to help the whole team win.” (read)

Quartz: Want to be happier at work? Don’t quit your job–get a creative side hustle

“Chris Guillebeau, an entrepreneur and author of the books Born for This and The Happiness of Pursuit, thinks everyone should have a creative side hustle. In this day and age, there’s no need to strive for “occupational purity,” he told me in an interview.” (read)

The Simple Dollar: The Myths and Realities of ‘Doing What You Love
“The best way to start doing what you love is with a side gig, not with a full life commitment.” (read)

Fast Company: Patagonia’s CEO Explains How To Make On-Site Child Care Pay For Itself
“For the past five years, turnover among Patagonia employees who use its child care program is 25% lower than in its overall workforce.” (read)

A Little Levity 🙂

Washington Post: The top 25 memes of the web’s first 25 years
“Memes didn’t begin with the Web, but you’d be forgiven for thinking so. The evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins coined the term in his 1976 book, “The Selfish Gene,” to describe something that already existed.” (read)

By / About FreshBooks

Orange Cat Social: FreshBooks Is Fresh & Clear With Social Media Images
“I really like a business that can describe what they do in just a few words. It’s amazing how many websites you go to that leave you scratching your head as to what they actually do.” (read)

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