Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Dec 16, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Contently: 5 Red Flags to Look for in a Contract
“Telling an editor that you have concerns about the contract can induce anxiety, but it never hurts to ask.” (read)

Problogger: Creating a Blog Content Plan for 2017
“A common cry I hear from bloggers who don’t use a content plan is that if they planned out their content it would stifle their creativity. I like to challenge that premise and argue that creating a blog content plan allows you to have more creative freedom.” (read)

Lifehacker: Finds and Helps You Delete Random Accounts You’ve Signed Up For
“When you sign up for any online service, you usually need to add an email address. If you usually use a Gmail account, can scour your email to find everything you signed up for and offer you ways to delete your account.” (read) 2017 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet (Infographic)
“Social media platforms are forever changing the image sizes and formats, so to keep you all updated I have re-created the 2016 social media image sizes cheat sheet and updated it to 2017.” (view)

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Gallup: Optimism Among Small-Business Owners Highest in Eight Years
“Overall, small-business owners are significantly more positive than negative about the prospect of the newly elected president and Congress. One-half (51%) of small-business owners think the actions of the new president and Congress will make their company better off, while 17% expect to be worse off and 26% feel the upcoming actions in Washington will have no impact on their business.” (read)

Julia Mitelman on Medium: The Product Manager vs. The Strategist
“Product managers (PMs) and strategists drive such decisions, and thus shape your world. Both choose which problems to solve and which goals to go after. Both turn grand visions into tangible goods and market realities.” (read)

Daniel Lock Consulting: The Change Management Guide
“For organisations, change is not required just to improve effectiveness. It’s often required for an organisation’s survival. In this guide, I’ll define What is Change Management and how to create change for your organisation.” (read)

NPR: A Finder’s Guide To Facts
” in the post-trust era, we know that any news source can steer you wrong at times, and they’re likely all jumbled together in your news feed anyway. So here’s a finder’s guide for facts” (read)

By / About FreshBooks

Seattle Times: Gift ideas for a gig economy
“software subscriptions like FreshBooks or Dropbox are all welcome and wildly practical gifts.” (read)

FreshBooks: Log Your Business Expenses On-the-Go with FreshBooks for Android
“Now you can wave goodbye to the mess of receipts. Simply log your business expenses and snap photos of your receipts on-the-go from your Android device.” (read)

A Little Levity ????

12 Devs of XMAS: New challenges and possibilities on the web
Welcome to the return of the 12 Devs of Xmas, 12 insightful articles introducing you to new and exciting thoughts and ideas in the world of web development. (read)

24 ways: The advent calendar for web geeks
“For twenty-four days each December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.” (read)

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