Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Dec 9, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Seeking Wisdom on Medium: The Books I Recommend for the New Manager
“I made a list of 5 books that I recommend for all new Managers or those seeking to make that jump in the future.” (read)

OpenView: 5 Content Marketing Trends that will Dominate Marketing in 2017
“If there is one thing you can be sure of in 2017, it’s the dominance of video on the Internet.” (read)

UXDesign on Medium: The State of UX in 2017
“Why does one choose to use Gmail over Yahoo, Medium over Blogger — if the features are 99% the same? It’s definitely not about disrupting usability standards. It’s about that additional layer of sophistication that can only be achieved when you put enough time and brainpower into the tiniest details, the most subtle animations, the most elegant transitions – not just for the sake of creating whimsical dribbble shots.” (read)

Digital Doughnut: Important Factors Considered Before Launching Mobile App in the App Store
“the more often you can get customers involved with your app, the faster they will be inclined to buy your product or avail your service.” (read)


Gallup / Business Journal: What Strengths Tell Us About Men and Women
“Women are also more apt to accept others and understand where they are coming from (Includer and Empathy). And they have a higher propensity for recognizing and cultivating the potential in people (Developer).” (read)

Reach on Medium: The 4 C’s of Marketing (and why they work)
“The goal — understand where your customers can be tempted, where your competitors are vulnerable, and where you can challenge both.” (read)

Fast Company: Secrets Of The Most Productive People: 2016
Ten top performers reveal how they squeeze the most out of every day. (read)

Inc.: How to Stay Mentally Strong During Life’s Toughest Challenges
“Without adequate mental strength, life’s inevitable challenges will likely fill you with self-doubt and anxiety. Those uncomfortable feelings can lend way to negative thinking. And negative thinking will affect your behavior–which can inadvertently turn your catastrophic predictions into a self-fulfilling prophecy.” (read)

By / About FreshBooks

Entrepreneur: How Much You Should Be Charging for Your Freelancing Gigs (Infographic)
“Whether you’re in finance, technology or even law, every industry has its own unique elements for concocting an hourly rate. But if you don’t know your industry’s going rate — don’t worry. Accounting software Freshbooks surveyed 2,000 of its customers to come up with median rates for six industries.” (read)

FreshBooks: Introducing: Apple Pay with FreshBooks
As a small business owner, getting paid can be a major pain point but it is important—it’s what fuels your business. That’s why FreshBooks offers FreshBooks Payments and Stripe, so you can easily get set up and paid quickly. (read)

A Little Levity ????

HubSpot: 30 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love
“We’ve compiled a list of awesome Secret Santa gift ideas that are bound to meet all different budgets and personality types. From hot sauce kits to leather mouse pads, this roundup should take some of the stress out of your shopping experience.” (read)

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