Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Nov 18, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Hitenism: Here’s The Content Marketing Assembly Line Based On a Survey of 2,203 Companies
“Most people approach content marketing like a black box. Ideas go in one end. Hours and days are spent doing something creative. And content comes out the other end.” (read)

Instagram: New to Instagram Stories: Boomerang, Mentions and Links
“Today, we’re introducing a few new tools to help you make your story even more fun: Boomerang and mentions. We’re also starting to test links inside some stories.” (read)

Ethan Zoubek on LinkedIn: How to Handle the “How Much Does It Cost” Question
“Prospective customers have a right to ask their salesperson what a solution costs, and we have a responsibility to give them a clear and direct answer.”(read)

The Mission on Medium: How to Transform Your Stress Into Insane Productivity, According to Harvard Psychologists
“The first step to dealing with stress is to recognize it — then, you can decide what you want to do with it.” (read)

FundBox: The Economic Impact of Unpaid Invoices
The value of small business unpaid invoices is $825 billion—equivalent to 5% of U.S. GDP. (read)


Coding VC: How to De-Risk a Startup
“startups are collections of risks, and that the best way to make progress on a company (and to get higher valuations from investors) is to address the biggest risks as quickly and thoroughly as possible” (read)

Gallup: Millennials Not Connecting With Their Company’s Mission

“Only slightly more than a third of millennial workers strongly agree that the mission or purpose of their organization makes them feel their job is important.” (read)

NYT: When It Comes to Success, Age Really Is Just a Number
“It is… a combination of personality, persistence and pure luck, as well as intelligence, that leads to high-impact success — at any age.” (read)

Collaborative Fund: The New Business Strategy: Be A Little Nicer To Everyone
“Be a little nicer to everyone and you’ll be more sustainable. Be more sustainable and your odds of compounding into something meaningful go up.” (read)

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Podcast: From Founder to CEO
“Listen to Mike McDerment, the Founder & CEO of FreshBooks, in this revealing and candid interview ” (listen)

Product News: Track Time On-the-Go with the FreshBooks for iOS App
“Now You can Track Your Time Right in FreshBooks Using the iPhone and iPad App” (read)

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