Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Nov 25, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

TechCrunch: Instagram launches disappearing Live video and messages
“Rather than overlap with Facebook Live and Messenger, Instagram is putting an ephemeral spin on video streaming and private messaging.” (read)

Buffer Social: How to Know if Your Social Media is Working: Analyzing and Maximizing Impact
“Is social media for lead-gen? For brand awareness? For something else? Measuring social media success and overall impact is a task that may not have one simple solution.” (listen / read)

Liz Bedor: Unlikely Lessons Email Marketers Can Learn From theSkimm
“According to Tech Crunch, theSkimm has grown to more than 3.5 million subscribers worldwide – more than the number of New York Times digital subscribers – since its launch in 2012. But what’s most fascinating about theSkimm’s success is that it was achieved by rejecting many email marketing best practices and exploring aspects that are often ignored. ” (read)

Speedlancer: How to write the ultimate PR release
“Hit Them With the Pertinent Information Right Away: Don’t play around. Bloggers and reporters don’t want to read through half a release just to understand the gist of your announcement.” (read)


Farnam Street: Carol Dweck on Creating a Growth Mindset in the Workplace
“Remember, people can be independent thinkers and team players at the same time. Help them fill both roles.” (read)

Independent: Smart people need more time alone, according to this study
“The study found that more intelligent people actually had lower life satisfaction the more frequently they socialised with friends – spending time with friends actually made them unhappy.” (read)

Business Journal via Gallup: Manager Bias in Hiring: The Fix
“Instead of eliminating bias, leaders need to acknowledge and understand their hiring managers’ unconscious tendencies and strategically point them toward performance.” (read)

UXDesign on Medium: The dangers of delightful design
“Delightful details give you an opportunity to express your brand’s voice. They give life to your product. But if you’re not careful, delightful details can get in the way.” (read)

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