Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Oct 21, 2016

October 21, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Harvard Business Review: 4 Steps to Having More “Aha” Moments
“People commonly report that they make the best decisions not while actively trying to make a choice but, say, taking a shower, knitting or working out. This is because ‘aha!’ moments that spark brilliant, unexpected solutions tend to crop up when our minds are quiet and our consciousness is at rest.” (read)

Quicksprout: How to Become a World-Class Copywriter in One Month or Less
“…great copywriting is one of the most essential skills in digital marketing today. If you can leverage your writing to tell a compelling story while convincing customers of the need for your product, there is no limit to the growth your business can experience.” (read)

Hubspot: 8 Helpful Resources for Creating Beautiful Infographics
“Visuals have a huge impact in marketing. Not only do they make content more sharable — 40 times as much — but they help us retain information. When details are paired with an image, we remember 55% more of it.” (read)

The Mission on Medium: How Music Affects Your Brain (Plus 11 Artists To Listen To At Work)
“…for music to really improve your productivity at work, you’ll likely need to alternate between periods of no music and periods of different kinds of music.” (read)


Help Scout: Great Content Is Still the Biggest Hurdle
“Style guides are created to ensure what’s published sounds like it’s coming from the same place, but not from the same person. However, you need alignment on more than Oxford commas and em dash spacing. You need to define what great writing means to you.” (read)

Big Cartel: Selling Out: An Artist’s Search for Money and Meaning
“It’s tempting to think of the artist and the moneymaker as entirely different organisms with different environments, wants and needs. It’s tempting to put them in tidy compartments.” (read)

Time Well Spent: Distracted? Let’s build a movement for technology designed to help us spend time well.
“Either we connect, but constantly get sucked in. Or we unplug, but lose all the benefits of technology completely. We’ve had enough. We need to restore choice. We believe in a new kind of design, that lets us connect without getting sucked in. And disconnect, without missing something important.” (read)

OpenView: Are You Open to Being Wrong?
“It’s hard to admit you were wrong. It’s particularly difficult for CEOs. What will everyone think? Will my team start questioning my ability to lead? Will the board start looking for my replacement? Do I even know what the hell I’m doing? It’s easier to just stick to your guns. But at what cost?” (read)

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday: Saturday, October 22nd
“On Saturday, October 22nd, Canadians across the country will share their love for small businesses in their neighbourhoods!” (learn more)

A Little Levity 😉

Pharasee: 5 times language REALLY mattered
“Saying the right thing in the right way to the right person can mean the difference between digital marketing that is successful and digital marketing that isn’t.” (read)

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