Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Sep 23, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Handsome Genius: Website Copywriting to Win You Buyers: the Definitive Guide
“Stuck for words for your website? What would it mean to you to write phrases that grip your readers? And draw them to buy? Listen: you can totally hook that up.” (read)

Drift: Infographic: Rise of the Chatbots
“In the early days of AI research, chatbots were seen as an intriguing (but for the most part, useless) technology. Today, chatbots are poised to revolutionize how we communicate.” (view / read)

ConversionXL: Which Type of Voice Actor Should You Use for Your Explainer Video?
“Viewers overwhelmingly preferred the professional female voice-over.” (read)

HOW: Logo Design Inspiration: Best Kept Secrets from the Pros
“A creative logo design has to be on point. It has to be relevant. It has to be communicable. It sits at the backbone of any brand.” (read)


The Good: How Millennials And Mobile Are Changing Marketing (and How to Adapt)
“The combination of millennial preferences and the massive migration to mobile, though, lends itself to three marketing challenges every marketing leader must consider at some point.” (read)

Timeline on Medium: Our parents discovered leisure. We killed it.
“Our work lives have merged with our free time, and hobbies are now often indistinguishable from second jobs. In a culture obsessed with productivity, the hobby has become the next venture.” (read)

99U: Jason Fried: Make “Creative Destruction” a Regular Part of Your Routine
“While a common sentiment is to protect our creative routines, Basecamp CEO Jason Fried urges us to fall madly out of love with the ones we truly care about. “The easiest thing to do is become comfortable and complacent,” says Fried. And the more comfortable you become with a way of doing things, the more willing you are to protect it, even if it no longer is the most effective way to create something.” (read)

A Little Levity 🙂

The Washington Post: Can you guess the website, based on the swatch of blue?
“On the world’s 10 most popular websites, shades of blue and turquoise outnumber other colors by a factor of two.” (read)

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Washington Post

By / About FreshBooks

CNBC: How one company keeps its millennial employees from quitting
“Keeping millennials happy and committed to their work often eludes even the best managers. But cloud-based accounting company FreshBooks, located in Toronto, Canada, seems to be getting closer to cracking the code.” (read)

Brittney L. Lynn: How I Stay Organized and Productive As A Small Business Owner
“I think I would break down sobbing if FreshBooks ever stopped existing. Dramatic, yes, but sadly I’m not kidding. Ever since I signed up and started using their services, I spend SO much less time doing financial tasks. FreshBooks makes invoicing a breeze, has a time tracking option (very important with some of my client work) and is just SO easy to use.” (read)

Bloomberg TV Canada: Video: FreshBooks CEO Mike McDerment discusses the funding environment for tech start-ups. (watch)

Financial Post: How Canada’s tech darling Freshbooks rebuilt its single product from scratch
“The technology that has powered Freshbooks since 2003 was no longer good enough. To add more features, speed things up, and simplify the experience, Freshbooks needed a more advanced platform. That meant rebuilding the company’s single product from scratch.” (read)

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