Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Apr 8, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Appcues: 3 Addictive User Engagement Tactics from Saturday Morning Cartoons
“As a kid, you sat in front of the television at the same time every week. You plopped yourself down, and by the time you looked away from the screen, hours had flown by… Let’s look at how they did it.” (read)

CoSchedule: How To Make The Best Social Media Images The Easy Way
“Adding images to your tweets not only gets you 18% more clicks, but also 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets!” – with helpful infographics (read)

Instagram recommended image sizes

Freelancers Union: 5 truths of all top-level freelancers
Some of the ways top level freelancers automate, optimize, and outsource aspects of their businesses. (read)

The Next Web: Etsy launches Pattern, an online store builder to take on Squarespace and Shopify
“Pattern lets sellers design their online store from a number of templates and upload it to their preferred domain for $15 a month. It’s similar to what Shopify and Squarespace currently offer, but Pattern aims to entice current Etsy sellers who already have strong fan communities on the platform.” (read)



Donny Reynolds on Medium: The Future is Without Apps
“…the world of apps has grown beyond a healthy size. Among all of the headaches that follow the impenetrable mobile market today, the two most urgent would the delivery and discoverability of content.” (read)

Jesse Weaver on Medium: Instagram and the Cult of the Attention Web
“Ostensibly the drive to capture share of attention should be a big win for consumers. It’s often positioned that way… But, often the attention web takes a different direction. Instead of streamlined experiences, filled with quality content, we’ve seen the rise of clickbait headlines, listicles and ad saturated UIs…” (read)

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Jon Westenberg on Medium: You don’t have to build a scalable startup
“The right business to build is the one you want to build” (read)

By or About FreshBooks

Zach Mathew: Great Software Isn’t Built To Last, It’s Built To Die Gracefully
“As software engineers we have this ideal of a perfectly designed piece of software that scales really well, requires no maintenance and lasts the test of time. It never works out.” (read)

Liz Lockard: 24 of the Best Instagram Accounts Every Small Business Should
We’re in some great company here: “If you’re looking to be inspired by how you can up your branding game even if you think *you* are in a boring industry, follow FreshBooks.” Thanks Liz! Psst, you can follow us on Instagram here. (read)

A Little Wry Amusement…

The World’s Longest Invoice 
Add your unpaid bills here. (read)

The World's Longest Invoice

Poll: Would you cowork at a Staples?
One of the upsides of being your own boss is that you can #workanywhere, but here’s a question for you: Would you run your business out of a coworking space in a Staples? (read)

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