Freshly Picked: Weekly Link Roundup Jul 15, 2016

We round up the best links we’ve clicked on this week.

Newsy and Resourceful

Bloomberg: YouTube Said to Plan ‘Unplugged’ Online TV Service for 2017
“YouTube is working on a paid subscription service called Unplugged that would offer customers a bundle of cable TV channels streamed over the Internet, people familiar with the plan said.” (read)

Hubspot: 75 Marketing & Business Acronyms & Abbreviations Every Industry Pro Should Know
“We curated 34 of the most common marketing acronyms and 41 of the most common business acronyms — and put them into an epic glossary you can skim, study, or bookmark.” (read)

Robert Williams on Medium: Seth Godin’s 7 unconventional rules for getting clients
“You must describe solutions to your clients proactively, not ask them for new tasks. You can’t allow them to define what they are buying from you — it’s your responsibility. Not taking it means you become dependent on the insight and expertise of someone else.” (read)

Contently: What to Do at Every Stage of a Late Payment
“in my 20 years as a full-time freelancer, I have always managed to get paid for my work without suing anyone.” (read)


The Mission on Medium: Why Constant Learners All Embrace the 5-Hour Rule
“I have built a life around having empty space for the development of my ideas for the creative process. And for the cultivation of a physiological state which is receptive enough to tune in very, very deeply to people I work with” (read)

Being Boss: Sleep Like A Boss with Christine Hansen
“Everything that makes an impact on you being a better and healthier person is related to sleep.” – Christine Hansen, Being Boss Episode #80 (listen)

Priceonomics: Ranking the Most (and Least) Diverse Colleges in America
“Stanford University, the top school in terms of diversity, is three times more diverse than the lowest ranking schools, Yeshiva University and SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry.” (read)

By / Featuring FreshBooks

Conscious Millionaire: Mike McDerment: From Basement Startup to #1 Workplace in Canada
Recognized with six Stevie awards for best customer service in the world, the company’s mantra is to “execute extraordinary experiences everyday.” (listen)

TechInsurance: 5 Cash Flow Secrets to Eliminate “Low Balance” Anxiety
“Small-business owners often have more tools than they realize when it comes to encouraging their customers to pay on time,” says George Kyriakis (@geokyr), director of business development for FreshBooks (@freshbooks), a cloud-based accounting software company. Kyriakis suggests setting expectations early for when bills are due by giving customers a specific due date. (read)

Accounting Web: Why FreshBooks May or May Not Be Right for You
“FreshBooks was essentially created for sole proprietors and, by and large, the freelance culture. Sure, it has evolved a bit more but it is a product that still has the small business in its sights.” (read)

A Little Levity 🙂

Gizmodo: Sore Legs Become Pandemic As Pokémon Go Players Accidentally Get Exercise
“It almost feels like a global conspiracy to make people go outside. Touche, Pokemon. Touche.” (read)

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