Customer Profiles: Comedians, Fly Boys and Food Trucks

October 20, 2011

The whole FreshBooks Support team recently flew out to Las Vegas to tour Zappos, a company that has long been an inspiration for our own Support philosophy. While in town we were able to pay a visit to 3 of our Vegas customers to learn more about what they do. We love visiting our customers because it helps us get a feel for how different people customize their FreshBooks experience, meaning we find out how to improve our support. We also love showcase the amazing people using FreshBooks, and sharing their unique stories of following their dreams. And these three folks are doing some incredible things.


Johnny Di

Johnny Di Domenico does some pretty incredible stuff – his specialty is what he calls Content Driven Comedy, and he achieves this by bringing a huge array of hilarious characters to your business to help drive your message home. He can impersonate over 30 well-known celebrities, and has a dozen characters that are uniquely his own. By combining comedy and impersonation with company event goals, he makes memorable meetings – simple as that. He is also extraordinarily personable, and wonderfully fun to be around.

The biggest take away we got was the idea that you have to create the niche for your business, and then drive home the need. He started out doing nightly comedy shows, and was offered the opportunity to help host a corporate event and add a comedy twist to it. After the success of this experience, he turned it into a full-time business for himself, and has now worked with huge names like SONY, KPMG, Siemens, and AT&T.

Fly Boys

Our next customer to visit was David Story of Story Airways. David has a pretty incredible story – no pun intended. After years of working in finance and stock trading, he decided to stop being unhappy and follow his dreams of flying professionally. As a licensed pilot, David already had a plane, now he just needed to turn it into a business.

After seeing other Las Vegas tour operators offering generic, large-group tours, he decided to put his focus on the customer – small groups, customized options, and attention to detail. This approach has paid off, and now he does 4 flights per day, almost every day!

Food Trucks

When we got wind that one of our customers was a pack of awesome guys serving up Slider burgers from a comic book truck, we decided that it was a no-brainer to visit them for lunch. Speaking personally – the Slidin’ Thru crew may be the coolest folks on the planet. Their office is painted top-to-bottom in amazing artwork, and 10 minutes into our visit they offered to host a dance party for us, complete with turntables and a Steve Aoki look-alike. The ‘follow your dreams’ mantra of the week was in full swing at the Slidin’ Thru head office.

Ordering some tasty burgers at Slidin’ Thru

The food was incredible, and when we said we wanted more, they told us about the Vegas Streats event that they were hosting that night. Vegas Streats is a food truck block party in the El Cortez parking lot, complete with drinks, amazing food, and all-night DJs spinning music. Needless to say, the Support Team was all over this, and about half of our crew took taxis downtown to partake.

Our main lessons learned on this trip weren’t really anything new to us – our customers do incredible things, and every one of them has a story about following their dreams. The main take away – if you’re not happy with what you’re doing, change it up!

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