Generate FreshBooks invoices in TSheets

November 18, 2008

Watch how you can now generate FreshBooks invoices in TSheets, a time tracking tool built for the mobile workforce.

Today we’re happy to announce that TSheets, a time tracking service built for the mobile workforce, has made it easy to generate FreshBooks invoices from inside their application.

FreshBooks has many customers that work in the field, such as those in the building and construction trades. We’re always looking for ways to better fit their work flow. We think many of our customers will find TSheets beneficial.

TSheets provides a lot of flexibility when managing agents constantly on the move. Using TSheets, your workforce can clock in/out with SMS text messages from any cellphone. More advanced users can use iPhone, Android, or mobile web time tracking interfaces. They also have cool voice time tracking through an integration with Jott.

TSheets also has a very flexible system for organizing tracked time. With their hierarchical job code system, you can do more than track projects and tasks. You can organize your time and your team any way you want.

While TSheets does work well for sole agents, they really help larger companies with a team of field agents. They provide customizable time reports to make it easy to keep track of what’s going on out in the field. The reports even roll up into QuickBooks ready for payroll.

Overall, pretty sweet. Our thanks to TSheets for making this happen.

Watch the screencast to see how it works.

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