FreshBooks Wins Gold For Customer Service

Last week, the FreshBooks Support Team was honoured with the Gold Stevie Award for Best Front-Line Customer Service Team.

You might be asking though, “what are the Stevie Awards”? The Stevie Awards are the world’s top sales, contact center, and customer service awards! Past winners include well- known companies like Office Depot and Rackspace and this year Blackberry, VMWare, Marriot Hotels, Salesforce, Rogers Communication, Samsung, and others were in attendance.

Four members of our Support team were in Las Vegas to receive the award in person, including myself. Being at the awards gala was an exciting and surreal experience for us. Customer service is unbelievably important at FreshBooks and the fact that we were nominated for this award meant the world to us.

Support accepts Stevie award

We were so full of excitement that we gave the awards ceremony MC a hug on stage.

It was really great to be recognized in this way. We believe that it’s our culture that makes us different from most companies. From the types of people we hire to the training and orientation everyone goes through, we believe in talking with our customers and a personalized touch. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to share some of the things we do differently at FreshBooks:

Customer support specialists at FreshBooks are able to make decisions that foster a positive relationship with our customers. Being able to resolve issues without needing “manager approval” and even contacting users before they have a question just to ensure everything is running smoothly are normal behaviours here, rather than the exceptions.

We keep track of all customer support experiences and our customer satisfaction average of 97.3% happiness is something we’re incredibly proud of. Using surveys and being rated by customers does emphasize that we are delivering great customer service, but it also provides immediate reinforcement and feedback on how we are doing. We pride ourselves on providing great phone support and our goal is to ensure that the phone is answered quickly by someone who is trained to help you. When you call FreshBooks, you never have to navigate frustrating phone systems to get appropriate help.

Close interaction with our users is a big part of our company culture, we strive to talk to as many customers one-on-one as we can. Through these conversations, we are able to get to know our users and to truly meet their needs. For example, we found out a customer had been in a really bad car accident and the support rep sent them a Neural Impulse Actuator, so that they could control their computer screen with their face. Another Support Rockstar once sent a baby blanket to a customer that told us she was celebrating the birth of her new son. Whenever we travel, we like to meet as many FreshBooks people as we can – from one-person shops to large businesses with multiple staff members. Doing this helps us keep our roots firmly planted when we interact with our users via email and phone every day.

Support accepts Stevie award

Special shout-out to our table-mates from Table 24: Brian from Stylesight, Jenn from Blackberry, John from TeamSupport, Jeff from Navantis, Sarah from LexisNexis, and Kim & Katie from Billhighway for making the dinner presentation a very fun and enjoyable one.

Throughout the many years, the encouraging words, sincere appreciation of our work, and constant feedback has shaped and molded our company to what it is today. Winning the team award for best front-line customer service team is such an honour and we are so proud of being up there with other great companies.

I know it’s a big cliché to say this, but we honestly could not have done it without YOU! Our customers, our users, and our wonderful and passionate fans! We now have a lot to live up to this year so hopefully we’ll do you all proud!

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