Headphones Etiquette

June 3, 2010

FreshBooks is a pretty open office – one great big high-ceilinged box of a room, with everyone pounding away on their Macs and PCs.

With no cubicles or other barriers to dampen the noise, things can get kinda insane.

A good productivity tip for work environments like this is to invest in a set of kick-ass headphones so you can screen out the background and get completely focused when you need it most.

The other thing you’re going to need?  Workmates with good Headphone Etiquette.

If you work in an open space and you see a colleague rockin’ the cans, but you really want to talk to them: respect their space.

Need them right freakin’ now? Really? OK, so maybe try to get their attention with a wave and a sheepish grin.  Just remember: you might be interrupting them at peak productivity.

Not actually urgent: stick it in email. Let them choose when to interrupt themselves.

Good headphone etiquette = happy co-workers; productive open offices.

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