Help us impress our moms at SXSW

August 12, 2008

I don’t know what we did last year at SXSW Interactive, but it seems like they want us back. We’re very fortunate to have four panels in the running this year. Three that we’re moderating and one we’re invited to participate on.

I know we don’t ask for much, except for the pleasure of your company, some spare change, and an extra pair of arms when we move, but we have a big favour to ask you. Could you please help us out by voting for our panels?

Scaling Your Culture Without Losing the ‘Secret Sauce’
moderated by Mike, our intrepid CEO

There’s something romantic about building a start-up, but it’s hard to keep the romance alive when your headcount grows – it can strain relationships and jeopardize your company’s mojo. Learn how to build a business that keeps things hot and heavy under the covers for you and your team.

Vote here, Mike for Prez!

Personality Marketing Doesn’t Mean You Are Ugly!
moderated by Saul, our good lookin’ Head of Magic.

The days of the “Nameless/Faceless” corporation are long gone. With tools like social media companies and it’s customers have a slew of new ways to communicate and demonstrate what they are really all about. This panel will showcase some of the companies that are doing the best job of this and hear some fun stories of Personality Marketing.

Give us 5 stars, baby!

Building Personal and Company Brands with Web 2.0 Tools
also moderated by Saul. He’s going for double trouble!

Getting attention for your brand (personal or company) is easier than ever thanks to the ole’ interweb but doing it with “zing” is still key to building a following. Learn and ask question from the people who have built brands and careers by doing it with “zing”

Put Saul’s name in lights!

Customer Service is the New R&D
Sunir’s been invited by Pamela O’Hara, CEO of BatchBlue, to rock and/or roll.

With forums, Get Satisfaction, good old email support and more, let your early adopters help build your product and create the solution they’ve been searching for. See how boot strapping start-ups (and some past the start-up days) build an online R&D lab to turn 1000+ voices into real features.

Vote for Sunir, your next Canadian Idol!

Thank you for all that clicking! Now we owe you one.

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