How to Plan Ahead for Your Next Hire

Today Design Sponge published a post I wrote called How to Plan Ahead for Your Next Hire. If hiring help for your small business is a goal of yours – or perhaps something you’ve already done – this post is a must-read. Here’s an excerpt:

Your business is growing to the point where it’s time to hire help, but making one wrong move during the hiring process could set you back considerably.

A few years ago, this scenario happened to someone in my network — I’ll call her Naomi. At the time, Naomi had built up a six-figure business selling children’s accessories and was drowning in work. She knew she needed help — and fast. Without considering several important factors, she jumped right into hiring. After posting a message to fans and friends through her business network, she was ecstatic to receive interest from a successful marketing consultant looking to re-enter the workforce after years of freelancing.

Hop on over to Design Sponge and read the post in full.

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