Hockey Night in Where?

June 10, 2008

Hockey Night In CanadaOk hockey fans, the story around the Hockey Night in Canada theme song has been all over the headlines this past couple of days, and like me, most of you have been stunned, mad and/or confused over the whole thing.

I was a bit upset to find out that CBC will no longer continue to use the Hockey Night in Canada theme song as part of their opening for hockey broadcasts. Like so many others, the song has been a part of my childhood while growing up and without it, hockey on Saturday nights would not be the same. I was even more shocked when I learned that CTV was able to purchase the rights of the song after CBC failed to work out a deal with Copyright Music & Visuals.

Was it a mistake on CBC’s part to pass up on the tune that has been a part of Canadian hockey history? I think so. But they do have a contest open to the public to find a replacement song that will award $100,000 to whoever can come up with a new theme song. This will create some noise but it will be drowned out by the song we so dearly love, playing on TSN.

For those of you who want to listen to an audio clip of the theme song, it’s below. It get’s you pumped just listening to it doesn’t it?!?

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