Fresh picks: Customize your time tracking messages

April 1, 2008

When you log time tracking in FreshBooks, every once in a while we’ll hit you with an offbeat “humorous” success message. For example, we most often return a message that says, “hours logged”. Occasionally you will get a “bingo!”, or a “pow!” or “hours flogged”. We recently got a complaint that the funny stuff does not come around too often in the forums, so Daniel started a thread asking for messages “suggestions”.

Well…long story short, Erin from BrightMix upped the game and went ahead and built a GreaseMonkey script that allows you to build and customize all your messages.

How to get your own custom messages:
Step 1: Use FireFox
Step 2: Download GreaseMonkey
Step 3: Download the Script
Step 4: Add custom messages to script as needed

Go here to read the post and download the scripts. Thanks Erin!

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