Copywriting 101: How a Website Redesign Can Take You Backwards

July 13, 2006

I love Rackspace. We have been with them since day one. I have a good relationship with their founder Pat Condon and have to credit Pat with convincing us to rename our service to FreshBooks.

Earlier this year, Rackspace redesigned their web site. Cautiously I wrote Pat and hinted that I thought the redesign was a step backwards.

Why is This Website Redesign a Step Backwards?

The focus of the site has become RACKSPACE, not Rackspace’s customers. How do I know?  The copy is all about THEM.  It is navel-gazing. I’m willing to bet their internal marketing department prepared the content.  It’s a classic mistake.

Prospective customers care about themselves – not about YOU or your company.  Your web copy should use the word YOU to connect with the visitor, and you should avoid the words “we” / “me” /”us” / “I”.   To learn more about persuasive copywriting for I recommend this book – an essential read before you undertake a website redesign.

At Rackspace they have a great concept they call “paper cuts”.  It’s not one mistake that causes a client to leave them, it is a series of paper cuts.  Their goal is not to die by papercuts. I sincerely hope that this redesign at RackSpace is not a sign of things to come…because death by paper cuts sounds like a pretty awful way to go.

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