How the Pricing of Design Services Funded the Growth of FreshBooks

Today Six Revisions published a post called “How I Earned A Lot More on Projects by Changing My Pricing Strategy” written by FreshBooks Co-founder and CEO Mike McDerment.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can earn more for your services, you’ll want to read about the five critical changes Mike made to dramatically increase his earnings and get FreshBooks off the ground. Here’s an excerpt:

If you start the conversation by throwing out a price, you’re just an expense.

Nobody likes expenses, so clients — typically entrepreneurs and businesspeople — try to keep them as low as possible.

By following my process, I was able to position my fees as an investment rather than as an expense.

Head on over to Six Revisions and read the post in full. 

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Former Staff Contributor Donald Cowper is a best-selling author and head of content at ClearFit.