Be a Social Superstar: How to Get More Followers on Twitter

There is a common misperception of Twitter and other social media channels as being a cheap and easy way to market yourself and your business. Unfortunately, although it’s free, that’s not always the case.

Anyone can have a presence; however, the struggle is usually how to get more followers on Twitter. While there is no overnight solution, it’s definitely possible. It will require time and patience–more importantly it takes effort and a commitment to engage with other people on a regular basis.

Just because you happen to be engaging online, doesn’t mean the connection is any less real than if you were at a networking event or social gathering.

The question is: How do you encourage steady growth without hitting a wall of frustration when your follower count isn’t increasing as rapidly as you’d hoped?

Quality Over Quantity

It’s not necessarily numbers that count–It’s the quality of those connections. There are many gimmicks and methods available to increase Twitter numbers. It’s really important to note that some of these methods are against the Twitter Terms of Service, so you have to be extremely careful. On top of that, most of them aren’t worth your time either.

While you might gain more followers, they won’t be quality followers. They might even be fake followers that will provide absolutely no value to your network whatsoever.

What’s the point in having 20,000 followers if only a handful of them actually read tweets, engage in conversation, and help share your messages? It’s far better to have fewer followers that actually take the time to interact with you.

At the end of the day, those are the people who will actually care about what you have to offer. Everyone else is just inflation.

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Follow Others Relevant to Your Business and Your Interests

Twitter doesn’t have to be just about business or your industry. You can engage with people that share similar personal interests as well, and that ultimately makes for a well-rounded Twitter following that you can be both professional as well as a little more personal with.

Twellow is a great source for finding followers (aka Tweeps) you may have things in common with to follow. In many cases when you follow someone, as a courtesy they will follow you back–it’s called ‘follow for follow’. So by following relevant people, you can also gain potential new followers yourself. Just don’t expect a follow back and get your nose bent if it doesn’t happen.

There are some people that simply will not follow you back unless they know you very well or know of you. That’s not necessarily an insult, it’s just a testament to their commitment in keeping their Twitter following as uncluttered and engaged as they can.

Maintain Your Account

Speaking of clutter… perform regular maintenance activities on your Twitter account, especially as your following grows larger. There are tools that help you to do it such as Tweepi.

Some tools are better or more feature-rich than others, but it really boils down to personal preference and budget.

A regular maintenance activity you can perform is to unfollow any Twitter user that offer little in the way of engagement, or that are constantly tweeting spammy content. Or perhaps they’re never on Twitter anyway. Kind of pointless to follow them if they are never online, right?

Tweepi also allows you to clean up your Twitter account by letting you unfollow those who have not followed back (should you wish to).  And the most exciting feature allows you to force undesirable accounts that follow you, to unfollow.

So if you’ve got a spam-happy follower or two and you don’t want to be associated with them, you can very politely send them on their way.

Remember: Conversation Counts

Tweet often, but remember to leave room for conversation and responding to others. The ideal tweet length, including link, is usually between 100 to 120 characters. This leaves space for 20 to 40 characters of free space where others may wish to add their own comments to the retweet. Ask questions, @reply people directly, use things like hashtags effectively, and don’t tweet links or boring quotes 24/7. Also be careful not to over-tweet as you’ll risk followers un-following you if they become frustrated that you’re clogging their newsfeed.

Social media is often called the handshake of our generation. It’s the new way to connect, relate, and converse with people you wouldn’t be able to reach any other way. But the only way to successfully create a brand presence on Twitter and grow your following, is if you’re ready and able to put in the effort it requires.

Do you have any Twitter tips or tricks you’d like to add? Share your thoughts below.

This is an archived post from the FreshBooks Blog and was originally published in June 2013. 

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