CEO Corner: How to *Really* Connect Through Blog Comments

March 16, 2006

I just wrote two blog comments on sites I regularly visit. Having done that, I realized what a poor comment writer I am.

Writing comments SHOULD BE a personal connection. It’s different than writing a post because a post is one-to-many whereas a comment OUGHT to be one-to-one, but publicly available.

To make it more personal, HERE IS MY TIP: start your blog comment with the “NAME:” of the person who writes the blog. For example, if you are commenting to me on this blog, start it with “Mike: blah blah blah” It helps with establishing that personal connection.

Here is another take on that personal connection that makes comments “real”.

Marlon Brando used to worry about this “one to one” connection on set. Marlon liked to talk to the crew between takes. While talking to a camera person Brando would, say “start rolling film”. He would continue his conversation… while the camera rolled.

Why? The conversation was real, authentic, not acted.

Part way through the conversation with the camera person he would break into the dialog and the character of the scene.  He used the conversation with the camera crew as a touch stone… to know where “real” was.

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