Cheap Decorating Ideas: How We Made Our New Office Our Own

August 17, 2009

In March of this year, FreshBooks made a huge leap – 50 feet down the road to our new offices. We were greeted by a beautifully roomy space, complete with 20-ft high ceilings, large kitchen, and untouched white walls. Lots of of them.

The challenge was clear: how could we fill up these white walls, and make this space our own? Since we’re a bunch of misers, we came up with some decorating ideas on the cheap.

Save those marketing materials!

Last year our marketing folks flew to Boston’s HOW Design Conference and built our very first trade booth. It was decorated over the course of the weekend by a local artist (who is also a FreshBooks customer), and turned out stunning. Luckily, we were smart enough to hang on to the results; two big canvasses worth. After sitting in storage for 10 months, they’re now hanging prominently inside our office.

Relive your college dorm with posters

Little known fact about FreshBooks – we name all of our feature releases after Hollywood movies. This past week’s release, which introduced recurring expenses? Groundhog Day. Before that? The Prestige. The movies we pick don’t always make sense, but it’s our small tradition, and we’ve kept it up for 2+ years.

To pay tribute to our Hollywood-inspired development history, we ordered a bunch of corresponding movie posters from The cost? $10-20 for each poster, $15-30 for each frame (Ikea), and a few extra dollars for the small placards you see placed next to each one. They occupy a small stretch of wall near our desks and make an interesting art piece.

Printed comments from Twitter

We’re lucky to have a lot of people say nice things about us on Twitter. So, we thought we’d bring the love home. Plastered around the office are dozens of full-color printed tweets from our customers. They’re huge self-esteem boosters, and look great!

Whiteboards a plenty

Total number of whiteboards at FreshBooks between 2004-2008: two. Total number of whiteboards today? 11. You could say we’ve begun a love affair with whiteboards, whether they’re big, tall, and/or magnetic. They might not be as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other mentions on this list, but they’re every bit as fun.

That about sums things up. The best part is – we’re not done yet. Our kitchen in particular is dying for some love. Got some ideas? Please pitch in!

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