Idea Transplant: Why You Should Blog as a Freelancer

March 30, 2011

One of the many blogs I follow, basically because it is so well done, is Idea Transplant, formerly known as Sticky Slides, by Jan Schultink. It is a blog about sales and investor presentations, but beyond that specialty, it has great PowerPoint tips. One of my favorite posts is 18 reasons why PowerPoint looks like PowerPoint.

Why Does Blogging Matter?

What does Jan’s blog do for him apart from providing an outlet to share? It provides opportunities. Say if I, a potential client, needed an awesome presentation deck, or some consulting for a big presentation, who will I contact first? I’m going to get in touch someone who specializes and is passionate about it. Through Jan’s blog, I know he’s an expert and is super passionate about it. He’s engaged me even before I need his services.

How Did I Find Idea Transplant?

I organically found it through a friend. My friend is always looking for more sales presentation tips so he found Jan’s blog through search. Jan has great content that is worth sharing, so my friend naturally started to share some of the best blog posts on Google Reader. In fact, another friend, after discovering it, sat down and read every single post. So you can see how easily I could got hooked after taking a quick browse through his blog. What really got me was that the content is so niche, which makes it interesting and remarkable – it not just another blog. He has earned my attention.

What Can a Freelancer / Agency Take Away From Idea Transplant?

As far as I can tell, Idea Transplant (great name), generates leads from his blog as well as other opportunities. Why? Because he differentiates himself through a niche powerful service and shares it. Further to that, he has educated me as a potential buyer. He’s actually creating a new market. I had no idea such a service existed, until I was educated through his blog. Who knew sharing knowledge could provide so much results.

He’s also a FreshBooks customer ;). If you’re a FreshBooks customer and have a blog, please leave a link below in the comments as I would love to check out your blog, as I am sure others do as well.

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