Inspiration and Blogging – Don’t Make This Mistake

December 20, 2006

I made a mistake – let me explain.

We like to be sure to post at least one new entry to our blog every day. Often it takes over an hour to get a post up. Last week I shot Levi an email, here’s what it said:

I need you to write a blog post. Please help me – I’m too busy today.

Here are the constraints. Make it about SAAS and have it live in 20 minutes.

That should keep it manageable. Feel free to shift the topic if you want to, just thought that the suggestion might help.

Levi, who has written classics such as, “Snakes on a Plane for Dummies” and “Is PayPal Dropping the Ball?”, read my email, took 20 minutes and wrote this post. I have to say that it was not up to his usual standard, and it was my fault. You have to be inspired to write a post …or at least a post you release publicly. I forced this one.

In running FreshBooks, we rarely make decisions like the one I made in this case. The ability to avoid forced decisions is something that makes small businesses and freelancers special – if it doesn’t feel right, you just don’t do it…you listen to your gut. Usually, the bigger an organization gets, the more “forced decisions” and “forced actions” you can expect, and the outcome can be lame and vacuous. Bo Burlington describes this phenomenon as “losing your mojo” in his book Small Giants.

Take it from us – you can’t force inspiration.

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