Introducing Basecamp With Your FreshBooks

March 1, 2007

Today, FreshBooks is pleased to announce our integration with Basecamp project management service.

You can now invoice your Basecamp projects using FreshBooks. The truth is, you can do a fair bit more than that. Please read on.

What You Should Know

This integration does *not* cover every possible workflow scenario. We have had to make a lot of tough choices in designing our integration. To make decisions we said to ourselves, “What do most people need?”

We came up with two scenarios:

First Scenario

Basecamp customers need to generate an invoice for projects based on their time entries and/or their To-Do lists.

Second Scenario

Basecamp customers want to import projects into FreshBooks where they can use them to track time. In this scenario, that project becomes a FreshBooks project and when you create To-Dos in Basecamp, your To-Dos will appear in FreshBooks as tasks. Then, whenever you want, you can invoice for your project like a normal FreshBooks project.

We figure these two scenarios will cover at least 80% of the people who want to use the two services together.

In deciding to carry forward with these two use cases, we decided on a “just make it work” philosophy. To this end, we decided that people can only track their time in one platform OR the other – NOT both at the same time.

We wrestled with this one and came to the conclusion that it’s a business process issue, not something we should solve by synching the data. 99% of teams will use one tool or the other – not both – to track their time.

How It Works For:

1) Basecamp users who just need to generate an invoice

To create an invoice, you need to enter your Basecamp credentials in FreshBooks from the “Import/Export” link on the “Home” tab of your FreshBooks account. Then, when you go to the “New invoice” page in FreshBooks AND we see you have Basecamp API credentials, you will be asked if you want to invoice for a Basecamp project.

Relatively straight forward. I should add that you can import people from your Basecamp account and identify them as clients or staff, both or neither, for use in your FreshBooks environment. You will not need to import your projects in this scenario, they will be presented to you when you want to create an invoice.

2) Basecamp users who want to track time using FreshBooks

hate paperwork

For those of you who want to track your time in FreshBooks, but collaborate on your projects in Basecamp, we designed another scenario that allows you to manage to-dos in Basecamp that will appear in real time as tasks in FreshBooks time sheets. The use case here is you can still use to-do lists to assign work.

Your staff will then have those To-Dos available in their time sheets in FreshBooks so you can take advantage of our start-stop timer and timesheet management capabilities (there is a screencast of FreshBooks’ time tracking service here).

Once you are done your project or completed some period of work (let’s say a month), you can simply invoice your project in FreshBooks like normal. Again, you must track your time in FreshBooks OR Basecamp…either or, not both. You decide.

Learn more about this integration here!

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