Las Vegas Customer Dinner, Visits & Boondoggle

August 6, 2010

Who know who rocks? FreshBooks customers. Yes – that’s you! And when we went down to Las Vegas this month to visit Zappos, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a Customer Dinner (Supper Club) and visit some of our customers in the wild. We even brought offerings of fruit trays and boxes of donuts in exchange for the chance to meet one on one and learn about what they do and how they do it.

Visiting Customers

We had ten people in Vegas, so we broke off into two teams, and headed out to meet our friends.

One group visited Mac-Tek Consulting, which is an awesome Mac support, consulting and training organization run by Doug Hanley. Doug holds the distinction of being the first consultant in Nevada certified by Apple on OS X. He took the time to show us around the new office and give us a sneak-peek at the Apple museum he is putting together!

While one group was at Mac-Tek, another group visited Pixel Me Pink, an amazing web and graphic design firm. After exchanging formalities and some surprise that FreshBooks had such hip, cool employees (apparently I sounded like a suit on the phone) things quickly got out of hand. Beers were drank, and karaoke was played!

After the visit we had one final destination before the customer dinner – a home theatre company called YBet. If you’ve ever seen a teevee show that focuses on crazy big houses, and you see those mansions with their own theatre built in – Ybet probably built those! They ever had some of their work showcased on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  We got to hang out with their staff and learn more about how they use FreshBooks.

Supper Club

Our final big meetup in Vegas happened at the PF Chang’s in the Planet Hollywood hotel – around 30 of our awesome customers came out to enjoy food, share stories, and have some drinks. We had a blast, and took some great photos. Check it out:


Our final day in Las Vegas was a chance to let loose and have some fun as a team. We nicknamed this Boondoggle, and it officially kicked off at midnight on Friday… we’ll leave it at that.

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