Leafy’s World Tour Update (East Coast Edition)

As you may or may not know, Leafy, the FreshBooks mascot is traveling the world visiting FreshBooks customers! He was getting a little tired of just being on the blog for FreshBooks maintenance notices…so we sent him out to learn about the world!

Along the way, he has been sending back pictures of where he’s been and what customers he’s dropped in on. In his six months on the road, about one third into his journey, he has covered a lot of the east of eastern United States. This where he has been so far.

Niagara Falls, Canada

Me and Jeff at Niagara Falls

Leafy and Jeff at Niagara Falls

To begin Leafy’s journey, Jeff Sarmiento took him to see the falls in Niagara.  It was beautiful, and he got in some great shots.  After this trip, he got packed up into a UPS box and sent to his first customer site!

Pensacola Beach, Florida

Pints with Pirates!

Pensacola  Beach was ravaged by the oil spill, so Leafy thought it prudent to go down there and survey the situation, and to show support for the local economy there.  In doing so, he stayed with Jason of JasonKing.net. Jason is a freelance website designer, and photographer.  He took Leafy out for some beer (what stuffed Leaf doesn’t like beer?) at Peg Leg Pete’s and they had a blast!

Savannah, Georgia

Next, Leafy arrived via FedEx in Savannah on a hot summer afternoon.   He was quickly taken to yet another beach (we’re all jealous up here in Toronto)!   He then got to spend some time in the office of Focus Lab LLC,  which is a team of web developers, graphic designers and expression engine consultants.  They had some SWEET office space, and they took Leafy on an amazing tour of Savannah.

Focus Lab LLC

Not funny.

Everything was going great until… the blindfold came off.  They started grilling Leafy about all the (lack of) “secrets” of FreshBooks, and even sent a ransom note home to my manager to see if he’d talk.  Safe to say (since his mouth isn’t real) he didn’t say a word!

Really not funny.

Atlanta, Georgia

Sam took Leafy on a trip around the city, where he visited the CNN & TBS TV Headquarters, took in a Braves game and visited Centennial Olympic Park!  Hot & Humid, just like home!


Future site of the Foliage Olympics?

Can you “C” leafy? Ha!

Washington, D.C.

Probably Leafy’s favorite part of visiting the nations capitol was meeting President Obama.  Just kidding, but that would have been awesome.  But right up there with it, was his trip to TedX MidAtlantic.

At TedX learnin’ bout stuff

Jenn of the Epoch Institute gave Leafy a tour of the Potomac river, as the leaves were changing color… just beautiful!

Leafy loves foliage…

Columbia, S.C.

Leafy spent some of the holiday season hanging out in the city of Columbia.  Thanks to Jason of Jasongraphix a “web designeloper” shop for hosting him and taking him to the world’s largest fire hydrant.

Leafy hopes the world’s largest dog isn’t around.

Leafy also spent some quality time among other plant-life, and met a very nice (but suspiciously quiet) cat who didn’t get any of his jokes 🙁

Flexin’ in a Fir

Swishy-swishin’ amongst friends.

Fort Worth, Texas

Leafy’s last stop was for  Thanksgiving in Fort Worth Texas with Chris Schaeffer, blogger and social media marketer extraordinaire.  By far this was the most filling stop of my journey (the man serves up a mean bowl of gobble-gobble).

Leafy also got to hang-out in a part of town called the Stockyards, and meet all kinds of interesting people.

Thank you M’Lady!


Can Leafy Visit You?

Leafy is now on his way Westward around the world, with a bunch of stops in the Western and Northern United States and then across the Pacific Ocean to continue his world travels.  If you’re on his way, send him an email, along with a description of what he’d do at your place, and he might just drop by (postage paid)!

To view all of the photos from Leafy’s travels, check out my Photo Albums on Facebook

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