#LinkLove: Latest and Greatest Small Biz Posts

Can you imagine how much harder it must have been to run a business back in the day? I am constantly astonished at the information I get to read online for free, and when I ran my freelance business I relied heavily on tips and tricks from experts to start, run and grow my business.

To save you some time scouring the internet for the latest and greatest posts, here are 5 helpful #smallbiz articles you must read:

Ready to take your Facebook marketing to the next level? Read this awesome interview with Ramon Ray on Small Biz Trends, author of “The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing”.

If clients are skipping out on your invoiceswatch this insightful (and hilarious) video from Marie Forleo who offers a simple yet effective 2-step plan to solve the problem.

Productivity hacks not working for you? Rethink Productivity with Amber Naslund.

Finally, a simple guide to creating a business plan from All Business author Ellen Rohr.

Think that new prospect might not be a good fit for your company after all? Learn from Laura Spencer who details 7 Ways to Summon the Courage to Say No via Freelance Folder.

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