Freshly Picked: Link Roundup, June 2017

June 30, 2017

We’re kicking summer off in style with these trending headlines from around the web. Check out our link roundup below for the month of June.

The sunny days of summer have you blocking off the sun’s rays, but ensure you don’t lose sight of your small business. If your priority is to grow your business this year, then productivity is important all year round. We’ve curated a helpful list of links in leadership & productivity, business management and money and finances. Enjoy!

Leadership & Productivity

It doesn’t matter how great your business model is, how profitable you are, or how many investors you have lined up. You won’t survive if you can’t manage your company’s cash.

Evernote: Don’t Put It Off: Procrastination
While there are probably as many reasons for putting things off as there are people who procrastinate, they all seem to share common roots. Five of them stood out. (read more)

Zen Habits: A Guide to Developing the Self-Discipline Habit
If you don’t develop self-discipline, it causes problems: health problems, distraction, procrastination, financial problems, clutter, things piling up and overwhelming you, and much more. (read more)

The Mission on Medium: Storytelling Should Be the Number One Skill You Want to Improve
Storytelling is the basis for almost everything in our society, and the way we interact, build, communicate, live and dream all derives from it. (read more)

Aeon: The Future is Emotional
Human jobs in the future will be the ones that require emotional labour: currently undervalued and underpaid but invaluable. (read more)

Running Your Business

Shopify: How to Protect Your Brand from Identify Theft Online
Now, fraudsters can create entire websites that look just like your own, and may even create social media pages claiming to be the voice of your brand. The worst part? If done right, consumers cannot tell the difference. (read more)

Can I Rank?: How to Improve Your Google Ranking Quickly
I’m about to show you something as close to an “SEO easy button” as you’ll ever find. The secret lies not in what you do, but where you apply your efforts. (read more)

Company Folders: How to Design the Perfect Business Logo (Infographic)
A logo is more than just a pretty image for customers to look at while they use a product or service. It’s the face of an entire brand, a symbol that determines how people feel about that particular company. (read more)

Money & Finances

GrowthForce: 4 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Cash Flow and Optimize Pricing
Some CEOs believe they can sell their way out of cash flow problems. When they try to, they often make poor operational decisions like pricing jobs lower, or offering discounts/promotions to get any job. (read more)

AccountingWeb: Employee or Independent Contractor? It Makes a Big Tax Difference
The IRS remains concerned that workers are being misclassified. The agency recently reminded small business owners of the basic guidelines for determining the employment status of workers. (read more)

Shopify: Why You Need to Stop Worrying About Profit and Start Worrying about Cash Flow 
It doesn’t matter how great your business model is, how profitable you are, or how many investors you have lined up. You won’t survive if you can’t manage your company’s cash. (read more)

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