Looking at things through “Fresh” colored glasses

June 3, 2008

If you have spent anytime getting to know us here at FreshBooks you would know that we like to do things a little differently.

Not different just to be different but different because different is interesting (I tried to add one more “different” but couldn’t make it fit…oh I guess I just did).

A great example of this took place last week at the How Design Conference.

You see we decided to exhibit at this conference and after we registered we realized that we didn’t have one of those super slick and fancy Trade Show Booths that make lasting impressions to all that see them.

This was a problem since having a poor Trade Show booth is probably worse then not having one at all.

So putting our “Fresh” glasses on we came up with a cool solution…we basically did the one thing no one expected to see at a design conference!

Instead of having a fancy booth made for us we decided to get two 8 Foot x 8 Foot Canvases. Jazz Martin – an artist who is also a FreshBooks user – took some glue and paint and created a living breathing (always changing) art installation that started at the first moment that the conference began and was worked on until the last moment of the event.


FreshBooks Trade Show Booth - The Beginning

FreshBooks Trade Show Booth - Almost Done

FreshBooks Trade Show Booth - All Done!

This accomplished a bunch of cool things for us:

  • People liked it
  • People talked about it
  • People kept coming back to see the progress

We were so pleased with how this turned out and proved to ourselves once again that when you replace ordinary and boring with extraordinary, you can never really go wrong!

Update! Check out the time-lapsed music video we made of the fun we had in the trade show booth!

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