Spark Attention: Marketing Tips for Your Electrical Business

July 21, 2016

Whether you configure your website for search engine optimization (SEO) or not, you want your website—and any other online marketing material, including ads—to attract attention when someone in your town is searching for an electrician.

We’ve researched the most common reasons homeowners are calling you. Take a peek and, with the proper certification, consider adding some of the services in this list on your website. Remember, laypeople’s search terms may not be how a professional would define the problem and there are multiple ways to describe the same problem. The trick is to communicate this as simply as possible—and one way to do so is through your marketing efforts. We share some tips with you below.

Top Reasons Homeowners Call an Electrician

To Fix Common Problems

Blown fuses
Replace fuses
Flickering lights
Circuit breaker trips
Faulty breaker
Warm receptacles (when an appliance is plugged in)
High electrical bills
GFCI receptacle won’t reset
GFI receptacle won’t rest
Backstabbed wiring
Exposed wires
Hanging wires
Too many plugs
Too many power bars
Too many extension cords
Plugs fall out of outlets
Loose or worn outlets
Smell coming from switch
Smell coming from receptacle
Not enough electrical outlets

For Upgrades and Replacements

Three-way switch replacement
Wire clean-up
Upgrade electrical panel
Replace electrical panel
Panel upgrade

For Installations

Light installations (Include different varieties, such as pot lights, cabinets, sconces, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, etc.)
Surge protector installation
Smoke detector installation
Security lighting installation

General Services List

Electrical services
Wiring services
Knob and tube removal
Corrective wiring
Aluminum wiring
Basement apartment wiring
Renovation wiring
Ungrounded wiring

Marketing Tips for Electricians

Many electricians work exclusively through word-of-mouth referrals to run their bustling businesses. If you’re just starting out, want to establish your specialty but looking to target a particular clientele, marketing is the way to gain recognition.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a grand, expensive, time-consuming job. With a few smart moves, you’ll promote your name throughout your community. Here are a few simple ways to do that.

Have a Robust Website

Your website connects your business with potential customers looking for your services. It doesn’t need to have flashy buttons and paragraphs of content. In fact, the more straight-forward it is, the better it will be received. Remember: homeowners are on the search for a quick fix for their, sometimes, major problems—they don’t want to sift through pages of information before they’re able to determine what your business will offer them.

Here’s what every basic website should include:

Go Where the Pros Are

There are dozens of websites where trade professionals can list their services. To have a presence in these communities, you’ll need to pass a layer of verification—in fact, some websites require credentials before you can be listed. Take some time to identify the most-used websites in your community and create a short profile—it doesn’t need to be as robust as your website. It’s simply a matter of reshaping it into a new format. Don’t forget to keep your profiles updated with testimonials, photos of big jobs and any new services you add to your listings.

Popular websites to consider:

Sponsor a Team / Organization in Your Community

You don’t have to have children to sponsor a kids’ sports team, for instance. While it’s not exactly free advertising, sponsorship is a cost-effective way to get your business’s name out there and generate a positive profile around your community. Don’t forget to host a pizza party at the end of the season and make the marketing of your services readily available for any interested parents.

Follow Up with Customers

It’s tempting to do a great job on a project and move on quickly to the next. But one of the best ways to get high-quality customers is to build relationships, so they won’t forget you. Keep a database of your customers and every six months or so, and follow up with an email. Reasons to reach out include:

Get On Social Media

Out of sight often means out of mind. That’s why social media is ideal for businesses. When you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram regularly, you’re staying top-of-mind for old and new customers alike. Posting the occasional before-and-after photo, sharing a blog with tips on being energy efficient or writing your response to industry-related news are all ways to stay present, get noticed and establish yourself as an electrical pro.

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