Meet: Hours Time Tracking

July 16, 2015

FreshBooks has partnered with Hours – a time tracking app designed to help you track billable hours and be more productive by seamlessly time tracking across multiple projects.

Why should I care about this?

Small business owners are a busy bunch. Multi-tasking is your norm, and staying productive is a must. If you’re not tracking your time, whether that be your billable hours or the time you spend on administrative tasks, you run a couple risks.

The first is that you’re probably not capturing all your billable hours and as a result, underbilling for all of your hard work. The second is that you’re lacking an accurate way of looking back on your day and evaluating your productivity. Relying on memory alone may work for some, but let’s face it – most of us can’t remember what we had for breakfast by the end of a busy day. 

That’s where Hours comes in. It allows you to start, stop and switch between multiple timers with a single tap. That means you can track every billable second and never have to break your focus. You can assign each timer a different colour so that as you work, you get a visual timeline that shows you exactly how you spent your day’s time. Hours takes it two steps further, by allowing you to easily schedule in breaks, add notes to timers and even customize reminders so you’ll never forget to start or stop your timers on your work days.

How does Hours work with FreshBooks?

By linking your Hours and FreshBooks accounts together, you can use the Hours app to track time against new or existing projects in your FreshBooks account, and then easily sync your tracked time back into FreshBooks with the tap of a button.

Instead of automatically syncing all your tracked time, you’re given the flexibility to select the timers you want to sync. This way, you can keep track of the time you spent on your lunch break and running personal errands, but only sync timers with billable hours to FreshBooks.

How do I link my FreshBooks account to Hours?

Linking accounts is super easy. Once you download and launch the Hours Time Tracking app, head over to the ‘Utilities’ menu. You’ll see the option to Link to FreshBooks right at the top of the screen. Tap this button, and at the bottom of the next screen, tap on Already have a FreshBooks account?


You’ll then be prompted to enter your FreshBooks subdomain. Once you’ve entered your subdomain, tap Connect to FreshBooks. On the next screen, type in your FreshBooks user name and password, and tap Sign in.


Once your FreshBooks account has been linked, you’ll see a congratulations message, which means you’re ready to start tracking and syncing time to FreshBooks. (woot!)

Get Started with Hours Today

If you want to check out the Hours Time Tracking app and try out the integration, you can download it for free from the iTunes App store.

If you have any questions, drop us a line in the comments – we’re here to help.

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