Meet: SheEO – Driving Change For Female Entrepreneurs

July 28, 2015

Did you know that only 4% of venture capital is given to women business leaders? Or that less than 5% of female entrepreneurs have mentors? How about the fact that only about 19% of business news coverage highlights the success of female-backed ventures?

That’s why FreshBooks has partnered with SheEO – a movement that’s changing the way in which female entrepreneurs are financed, supported and celebrated. Together we’re spreading the word about SheEO’s Radical Generosity program and encouraging all entrepreneurs to support the movement.

What’s this “Radical Generosity” stuff?

“An Act of Radical Generosity” is a program that uses crowdfunding to empower female entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals.

In major cities across Canada, one thousand women will contribute $1,000 each to create a pool of one million dollars. These radically generous women (get the whole “radical generosity” thing now?) will then select 10 female-led ventures that are about creating new models, new mindsets, and new solutions for a better world.

Now the fun part: The 10 selected ventures will together decide how to divvy up the million dollars. That’s right – if you’re selected to be one of the 10 ventures, YOU decide how the million dollars is divided.

Why does this matter?

As an entrepreneur, you belong to a close knit network of passionate individuals that get up every morning ready to make a difference in the world. Your network is a unique one. You help one another succeed by sharing your knowledge and expertise. This is an opportunity to support one another in a big way. Read on to see what FreshBooks is doing – and what you can do – to drive a positive change for the growing number of female entrepreneurs around the world.

How is FreshBooks getting involved?

FreshBooks is supporting the cause by covering a portion of the administrative costs of the campaign (so that 100% of the funds can be provided to the selected applicants), offering 1 to 1 mentorship and gifting a life-time of free FreshBooks to the 10 woman-led ventures selected for funding.

Three ways you can get involved:

#1: Apply to be Considered for Funding
Submit your application to be considered for funding. The only requirements for applying are:

  • you must have a minimum of $50,000 in revenue this year
  • your business must be female-led and majority female-owned
  • for this round, SheEO is accepting Canadian ventures only

#2: Commit to an Act of Radical Generosity
Sign up to be one of the thousand women to make a $1000 contribution and share your talent, network and expertise with venture applicants.

#3: Spread the word
Want to contribute without necessarily applying? Join the conversation and help spread the good word.

If you want to learn more about SheEO and this initiative, visit the SheEO website.

As always, we’re listening – feel free to sound off in the comments or contact our support teams if you have any comments or feedback.

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