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March 27, 2008

A side project that I am proud to be involved with is the mesh conference, and tickets for the event May 21-22 in Toronto went live Tuesday. mesh is a conference that tackles the question: “what’s next online?” for society, business, media and marketing. The event is going into its third year, and each of the last two it’s sold out the 400 tickets available. In just two days we’ve sold a quarter of the tickets, so…if you want to attend, visit and register.

That’s mesh, but I want to talk about meshU (for mesh “University”) – a one day event that’s new this year and something I’m guessing FreshThinking readers might be interested in. meshU is a one day workshop oriented conference for 150 designers, developers and project managers – people who are building things online. These workshops will be presented by people who have earned their stripes pushing the boundaries of the web, including Avi Bryant (founder and lead developer of DabbleDB), John Resig (lead developer of jQuery and standards evangelist at Mozilla), Leah Culver (founder and leader developer of Pownce) and Ryan Carson (Carsonified, makers of Dropsend, Amigo and the “Future of” conference series). Each of these individuals has a lot to offer and Mark, Mathew, Stuart, Rob and I are honored to have them contributing to the inaugural meshU and generally supporting us in an as yet unproduced event.

So, I hope you will drop over to the meshU site and see if it’s a fit for you. There will be a lot more information coming about the content over the next few weeks so stay tuned. If you want to submit a workshop proposal to present at meshU, you can do that there as well. That said, you might want to buy your ticket first as there are only 150 available, and we’ll reimburse you if your workshop is accepted.

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