Partner News: Microsoft Outlook Payments

FreshBooks has collaborated with Microsoft to help small business owners get paid faster while providing convenience to their customers.

In the digital world, little things count for a lot and simple solutions often make the biggest impact. We’re proud to announce a new time-saving integration for FreshBooks customers.

Thanks to a new solution built with Microsoft, we’re introducing a feature that’ll save your clients a little time and encourage them to settle up with you quicker.

Announcing Microsoft Outlook Payments

Announced on May 8, and rolling out over various mobile and web platforms this summer a Microsoft Outlook Payments integration into FreshBooks will make it easier for Outlook users to view and pay your FreshBooks invoice regardless of what device they view it from. With over 125 million Outlook users worldwide, chances are, at least a few of them are your clients.

Normally, when you send an invoice via a FreshBooks email, your client will click “View Invoice” to see all the details in their web browser. It’s a small, easy step. But it’s a step nonetheless. And in today’s busy world, who needs additional steps?

With the Microsoft Outlook Payments integration, Outlook users will be able to view invoice details in the email and click a button to “Pay Now”, which will take them to FreshBooks online payments. And if your client has their credit card set up in Outlook payments, they can pay you in one click straight from the email on their computer or mobile device.

Here is a screen shot of the received invoice in Microsoft Outlook:

microsoft outlook

“We expect this time-saving solution will prompt small business owners’ customers to pay quicker. It’s simply easier for them to take care of payment right away,” said George Kyriakis, FreshBooks’ Senior Director of Business Development.

With Outlook Payments, it’s nice to be able to offer your customers another payment option. You can already accept various payment options through FreshBooks. This integration adds yet another option for your clients. In an economy where consumer-choice is king, it’s important that your business offers as much flexibility as possible.

Outlook Payments Makes Remembering to Pay Easier

If you have clients who easily lose track of your invoices or forget to pay on time, the Outlook integration helps solve that problem too.

When you send an invoice to an Outlook client, they will be able to add a reminder to their Outlook calendar directly from the email.

While reminders are fantastic, Kyriakis says the function of the integration has the potential to help prevent late payments in the first place. “[The integration] provides a nice convenience for small business owners’ customers. To be able to view and pay an invoice without leaving the notification email means it’s less likely they’ll put off payment. They can pay on their mobile device wherever they are, so this is one task that doesn’t have to go on the to-do list.”

Give Your Clients the Good News

Are you looking for a reason to connect with your clients? It’s always fun to give good news! When you make life easier for clients, they really appreciate it. For the customers who use Outlook as their default email provider, you’re giving them a handy solution that’ll save them time. As this solution rolls out, make sure you let them know about it.

chase dreams not payments

To make life easy for you, here’s an email template you can modify and use to share the good news:

To: Client
From: You
Subject: Making payment easier

Hey, [Client]! Do you use Microsoft Outlook for email? I wanted to let you know that FreshBooks, my accounting software, just introduced a new feature to make payment easier for Outlook users.

When you receive an invoice from me you’ll be able to view the whole thing right in your email, no more clicking to open it in your browser. Click Pay Now and you’ll automatically be whisked to my online payment system. Bonus: if you have a credit card registered with Outlook Payments, you can take care of settling your bill in one click – no need to hop around to payment gateways or enter credit card information each time.

You don’t have to do a thing to make it work. You’ll notice the change with my next invoice.

I’m always looking for ways to make your life easier. Let me know if there’s anything more I can do to make that happen.


Even More to Come!

The Outlook Payments integration may be the first partnership with Microsoft, but it definitely won’t be the last. “We continue to investigage what else FreshBooks and Microsoft can do together within MS Office to make our joint customers even more productive,” said Kyriakis.

Stay tuned!

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