More Rockstars, Fewer Robots!

June 10, 2010

I had a great revelation a few weeks ago joining our Support Rockstars here at FreshBooks.

Every two weeks (roughly) we release an update to our app, and I was on support the day after a pretty heavy release. Our customers were calling in with questions about this new update to their business, and we were a bit swamped keeping up with the phone calls.

I looked at our status board, and six of six support phones were in use – then the phone rang again.

If this were almost any other company, the customer would have been put on hold, gone into some soul-destroying IVR system, or been transferred to voicemail.

But this isn’t any other company – this is FreshBooks, and my big revelation came from the way this scenario played out.

With the support team all tied up on other lines, someone from our development team picked up the call. A minute later, yet another call came in. This time, our CEO Mike McDerment picked it up.

Later that afternoon, our email support tickets were getting a bit overwhelming too. We sent out a quick SOS to the company and, within minutes, the ticket count had dropped from 55 to 12.

So what’s the difference? Aside from our core team of six Support Rockstars, everyone who works here spends their day doing support at least once every two or three weeks. If that day’s support team is unable to take a call, the phones in the entire company will ring until someone dives in to help.

No one is left behind; no ticket goes unanswered. Why? Because support at FreshBooks isn’t just a job: it’s a core part of our culture and key to the FreshBooks user experience.

As support at FreshBooks is so important, the people that we hire to be our Support Rockstars aren’t your average cubicle monkeys. We have to be fun, personable, empathetic, adept problem solvers, and – above all – willing to listen, help, and teach.

Providing Rockstar Support is only part of the job – we’re also responsible for training all the new FreshBooks hires and throwing them really wicked graduation parties when they’re done. You can see examples of our handiwork here, here and on our Tumblr feed.

You may have heard about the intensity of our hiring process. There’s a reason we screen our candidates pretty heavily for the Support Rockstar position: because it pays off.  We expect you to be able to prove that you’re top notch, with great customer service examples, and a rock-solid personality. The result is a chance to work with the most creative and amazing people, and probably the only opportunity you’ll get to sumo-wrestle on company time.

Think you have what it takes to rock this coveted gig? Let us know.

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