Motivational Music to Get Your Taxes Started

February 3, 2015

Tax time is officially here! To help you get the job done, we’ve put together a tax time playlist filled with upbeat, motivational music to match your anticipation of getting that sweet, sweet tax return. Inspired by the FreshBooks network, here are a few songs that help service-based, small business owners, just like you, get through tax time with a smile.

Don’t miss these FreshBeats…

You’re starting early this year, and ready to make this tax season the best one yet. Turn on Taking Care of Business by Randy Bachman and show the taxman who’s boss.

Trying to make heads or tails of what numbers go in which boxes? Turn on the Indiana Jones Theme Song and channel your inner archaeologist. You’ve got this.

When you’re knee deep in receipts, trying to remember if that lunch in November was a  personal or business expense, just play Money, Money, Money by ABBA and remember: your tax return will be in the mail soon.

When the end is near and you’re looking for a final boost of motivation, turn on Eye of the Tiger by Survivor and grab (another) cup of coffee. Power on through as you feel the positive vibes from millions of FreshBookers cheering you on. After all, we’re all in this together.

You’re done, you’ve hit send and filing your taxes will soon be just an unpleasant memory.  Kick back and crank up All Star by Smash Mouth. You deserve a huge high-five.

Give the playlist a try and share with us what you’ll be grooving to when filing this year, we’re always thirsty for new tunes.

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