On Service: Phone Support is Gold

May 17, 2007

Here at FreshBooks, we spend a lot of time on phones support. We have our toll-free number clearly displayed on our website and as a result, I often find myself talking with our potential and existing customers. Focusing only on email support and avoiding phone calls can save time, but it can also be a big mistake as you could miss out on valuable information.

As Michael mentions on the forum:

“Time on the phone with customers is GOLD.  I expect people will spend more time with you asking about your company, not the product (i.e. how long have you been around, why did you build it) in an effort to reassure themselves that you are trustworthy.  For the record I see personally support as an asset, not a cost.  It’s pretty much falls into our marketing bucket because it leads to referrals and improves the customer experience so those who call are likely to be long term customers.”

Speaking with your clients on the phone is not only about answering questions, but finding more information about your clients. Building these relationships with your client helps both parties understand each other better as well as promote a community.

TIPA good contact us page in addition to a clearly displayed phone number is key to building trust and getting in touch with your visitors.

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